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1990. Foundation

STEM founded, the first Czech private sociological research company with its own interviewers’ network. In March 1990 STEM carried out the first public opinion survey of the Czech population. Simultaneously, STEM took part in various international projects.

1993. Regular surveys launched

One of our major tools is TRENDS, a unique monthly series of surveys that was launched in May 1993 and which is run on large representative samples of the population aged 18+. Since then, TRENDS has been continuously monitoring the dynamics of social change within Czech society.

1994. Foundation of STEM/MARK

Sister company focused on marketing, consumer attitudes, and media research is founded.

2015. Foundation of STEM Institute

Driven by the ambition to share our unique data, Jan Hartl, STEM’s owner, launched an endowment to fund a public institute. STEM Institute was founded in November 2015 to open our private database to the public in order to stimulate debate on key social issues. STEM Institute will extend our know-how into new areas, employing our unique data, developing TRENDS and other programs, and cooperating with a wide range of nonprofit organizations.

All three members of the board, Jindrich Sidlo, a prominent journalist at the business daily Hospodarske noviny, Petr Vaclavik, sociologist and long-standing associate of STEM, and Jan Hartl share the same vision. Martin Buchtik in his capacity of the Director of the Institute, ensures that the mission meets its goals.

We are firmly convinced that our data, gathered from over 20 years of surveys, unique within the Czech context, has the potential to frame and drive public debate, foster education, and inspire political discourse – in short, to influence the future of our country.


STEM Institute Španělská 10, 120 00 Praha 2.

Tel: (+420) 221 180 197, Cell: (+420) 602 231 560

Martin Buchtík, Director (buchtik@stem.cz)

Jan Hartl, Founder (hartl@stem.cz)