2023 presidential elections in the Czech Republic

For the 2023 presidential elections, STEM constructed three election models and, in cooperation with the STEM/MARK agency, made early results predictions in both rounds based on the continuous counting of votes. We made some of the most accurate predictions of the results on CNN Prima News merely some 30-40 minutes after the closure of polling […]

One Society, Different Worlds

This study has shown that in the Czech Republic the simple model of a society divided into two groups does not hold. In Czech society, there are not two immutable, separate groups that would oppose one across a number of social cleavages. Instead, there is a risk of fragmentation into many disparate groups that do […]

The economic situation of Czech households

In cooperation with KPMG Czech Republic, STEM implements long-term tracking of the financial and economic situation of Czech households. In mid-2022, we detected a dramatic deterioration in the subjectively perceived financial health of Czech households when the index fell to its lowest value since 2014. The complicated situation of Czech households at a time of […]

Quality of life in Czech municipalities

In cooperation with partners from DATLAB, STEM researchers created an interactive web application that allows visitors to peruse municipality-level quality of life data in the Czech Republic. The database makes it possible, for example, to compare expenditures from municipal budgets per capita between different municipalities, access the out/in-migration numbers for a given municipality or view […]

Analysis of educational segregation of  Roma pupils in the Czech Republic

STEM Institute for Empirical Research and PAQ Research, on assignment from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports, investigated the reasons behind the unusually high proportion of Roma pupils studying in Czech special schools. This research evaluated the success of desegregation measures implemented in response to the groundbreaking judgment of the European Court of […]

Czech (non)transformation

“There is a consensus among the public that climate change is happening and that we should not delay in addressing it. The very process of transformation to low-carbon energy is rather worrying. People are afraid of getting poorer and of the social consequences.” This quote is an apt summary of an extensive research into perceptions […]